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Pneumatic Comparator- BSPIL-MTR-03057

Pneumatic Gauging System giving absolute solution to your problem in process inspection at shop floor with most economical benefits.  High Pressure System works on NULL BALANCE PRESSURE SYSTEM  with the provision of increase or decrease magnification and virtually sensitive operating and totally versatile unit

Differential instruments and its range of application is increased to stabilized multi gauging system

Its. Mechanism ensures free maintenance.  2 Setting Masters Lower and Higher ensures correct and accurate magnification of reading at all times. System is equipped with Pressure checking gauge with extra in-built regulator for constant flow of air without any fluctuation (Filters and Regulators)

Least Count           Range

0.25 um                 +/- 0.005mm

0.5 um                   +/- 0.010mm

0.001mm                +/- 0.040mm

0.002mm                +/- 0.080mm



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